Thursday, May 31, 2007

the return of the green archers.

yes! you read that right!

the archers are coming back..

and we're ready to reclaim what is rightfully ours..

we're back at UAAP and no one can stop us now.

hahahaha. feeler no? akala mo naman player ako?! nyahaha.

Anyway, I believe that the Green Archers will once again win the championship not only in the Basketball game but also in other sports in the UAAP..

We were suspended for the UAAP last year. But that doesn't mean that our university is idle. The Green Archers, and other sports team participated in different sports events like HAIL, Nike League, FiLoiL. aun. heheheh

Hmm. I'm really really really really excited for UAAP. ü hahahaha. I'll surely watch at ARANETA. hahaha. :D

wala lang. hahaha...

hmmm... wala na akong maisip na ilagay. hahaha.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

writing-my unwavering fervor


For journalists, it's a profession.

For others, it's a hobby.

But for me?

Writing is the desire of the heart to break free from the chains of emotions devouring its essence..

It is my undying passion, my utmost desire, and my craft.

It is through writing that I am my own master. There are no rules, no restrictions, no limitations, no boundaries. The sky is the limit. I can write everything that I want without other people stopping me.

Yes, I am a writer. A writer who plays with words and weaves them into heavenly crafts and undeniable masterpieces.

- - - -

This is my new blog.

A portal to every thought and emotion of my heart and soul.ü

I have been to a lot of blog sites already. . but I had a hard time maintaing my previous blog sites. So, i decided to pack up and find a new home. This is my home now.

And I hope I won't be leaving this new home anymore. :D