Monday, January 28, 2008

random idea: dare to face the truth?

They say the truth will set you free but is it actually possible that the truth, somehow, could imprison you in a much worse confinement than before? Perhaps, the truth doesn’t always equate to freedom. It may momentarily uplift you from your current burden, but it could also lead to a another dilemma.

yes, the truth may set you free but do not forget that facing the truth also has its consequences whether goodor bad.

| this is just a RANDOM idea produced by my faculty of thought. it doesn't necessarily mean that this is my stand. mapaglaro lang talaga isip ko. lols. haha |


"Each passing day constantly reminds me of the things that I should have and should have not done. It's like a recorded video that keeps on playing on my mind. I wake up everyday realizing that I should have taken a different path from what I have chosen. But i am still and immobile, I can not even lift a single finger...."

poor unfortunate soul

want to know what LUCK had come to me this day?

it's like this, i placed all the files of my Machine Project1 in my USB since my computer is suh a CRAP. a big pile of technological bullshit. I decided to do my MP at my mom's soon-to-be-laptop. So, i then took my usb and checked the files there. It opened, and i deleted some files when suddenly, with one struck of misfortune, my USB got destroyed, damaged, corrupted, or whatever shit you may call it.. basta nasira siya. tapos. hahaha. as in kahit ilang beses kong subukan hindi na siya maread ng pc. hindi na nga nagbiblink yung LED pag kinakabit mo siya sa usb port e. haha.

Hindi lang yung files sa MP ang nawala.. pati pala yung RESIN. haha. :D

Oh well, i have to start from scratch..... fuck. haha