Monday, March 24, 2008

superclubs vs. bars


raphael and i learned something from yeye. "the difference between a superclub and an ordinary bar". I actually thought that superclubs and bars are just the same. Pinaganda lang yung term na superclub. hahaha. Di ko alam may difference pala talaga un. Sorry inosente ako. haha.

a superclub's entrance fee comes with a whooping 500 pesos.. and it won't get any lower than that. unless of course, there's a certain event or something. tapos yung drinks daw nila di rin bababa ng 100 pesos. kahit h2o lang. haha.

then yung ordinary bar, opposite lang ng superclub. wahahahha. ang galing ko tlga magdifferentiate. hahahaha.

Sorry naman, napaka-nonsense ng post ko. hahaha. ^_^

my birthday is coming. but i'm presently penniless. :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trip down to memory lane : productive vacations

When I was young, my parents and my aunt (Dad’s sister) wanted me to have a productive vacation. Specifically, they want to enroll me in summer workshops or classes. Here are some of the activities I did during my school breaks when I was still in elementary.
Swimming classes
- I was enrolled at a swimming class at Sucat when I was Grade 4(I think?.) I learned the basics of swimming, how to do the “bubbles”, use a kickboard, and dive!haha. And I remember the swimming relays we had. Nauna yata ako one time. Haha. Pero enrolling in a swimming class doesn’t mean na magiging magaling kang swimmer. Tingnan mo, nakalimutan ko na yung mga tinuro sakin.hahaha. :D

- May continuation pa yung swimming class ko, di ko na maalala kung kalian.haha. grade 6 na ata un. Sa Camp Crame naman! Yes, dun sa military camp. At Militar yung nagturo sakin! Police officer ata? Haha. May cadence pa kami.haha.

Basketball Camp
- I think I was in Grade 5 nung nagbasketball camp ako. Hahaha. I was enrolled at a basketball camp held at Festival Mall every week. I dunno kung once or twice a week siya? Our basketball trainers were actually PBA Players. Yung mga legendary PBA Players. Meaning, mga retired na.hahaha. yung si Ramon Fernandez ba yun?haha. Ang saya nung basketball camp although nung una ayoko tlga.hahaha. pero pag binabalikan ko siya, sobrang galing ng training. Haha. As in professional tlga.hahaha. Ang saya! :p Kaya lang lumaki ako na “bano” sa basketball.hahahaha.

So far, eto lang yung mga naaalala ko.hahaha. Shet, I miss being a kid tuloy lalo. :P

Monday, March 10, 2008

wala akong maisip na title.haha

The society has imposed certain norms and standards that we should follow. We live by the rules of community. We should do this, do that, and be like this, act like that and so on. Most of the time in our lives, we are being controlled by the expectations coming from our family, friends, mentors, and other people around us. If we didn’t meet their expectations, we are failures. If we didn’t follow societal norms, we’re rebels, weirdos or whatever you may call someone who’s different than what people expect you to be. These are wrong ideals but it’s what’s happening today. No matter how much we deny it, we tend to follow what the society entails us to do.

blah blah. tinatamad akong ituloy. haha.

Monday, March 3, 2008



1. PAOLO LOUIS- 15 years old.

2. MIGUEL ANTONIO- 12 years old.

JUST PM ME for their prices(negotiable).