Monday, March 24, 2008

superclubs vs. bars


raphael and i learned something from yeye. "the difference between a superclub and an ordinary bar". I actually thought that superclubs and bars are just the same. Pinaganda lang yung term na superclub. hahaha. Di ko alam may difference pala talaga un. Sorry inosente ako. haha.

a superclub's entrance fee comes with a whooping 500 pesos.. and it won't get any lower than that. unless of course, there's a certain event or something. tapos yung drinks daw nila di rin bababa ng 100 pesos. kahit h2o lang. haha.

then yung ordinary bar, opposite lang ng superclub. wahahahha. ang galing ko tlga magdifferentiate. hahahaha.

Sorry naman, napaka-nonsense ng post ko. hahaha. ^_^

my birthday is coming. but i'm presently penniless. :P

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