Thursday, April 17, 2008

my summer class info

As if anybody would care about my summer hahaha.

Wala lang. Since I don't have anything to do right now, I'll post my summer sched na lang. :))

Note: This is what boredom can do. hahaha.

Writing is my soul

"Writing is more than a best friend, a lover, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister. It is your heart and soul reflected on a piece of paper, weaved into strings of words, and personified through your trusty pen."

Writing has always been a part of me. I carry it inside my heart every single day. Like a shadow, it is with me all the time.

Growing up, I never thought that I'd learn to love writing.
When I was still young, I never had that inclination to write my heart out. For me, writing was just a school activity done at school and left at school.

I was not exactly sure when our how I started to love writing. It came to me in just a flash. The next thing I knew is that I begin writing poems and essays, and blogging. I didn't even know that I am actually making sense with what I write back then. I just write and write and write till my pen runs out of ink or till my fingers got tired of pressing the keys of the keyboard.

I am not a grammar police nor a punctuation checker. I have no particular standards into what I write. I have this understanding of writing : "Writing is not perfected through correct spelling, excellent grammar, and longetivity of composition. It is through the unity of a person's heart, mind and soul that one writes the best."

Writing is neither my profession nor a simple pass time, it is who I am. It is my outlet of my thoughts and emotions. It is my counselor when I have problems, my guide when I'm at lost, and my sanctuary when there's no other person that I can turn to.

I may not be an exceptional writer but the hell I care, I don't write to impress rather I write to express.

People may not understand the way I truly am but I need not to explain anything to them. Let them be perplexed and be baffled by the mystery of being me. :)

J'adore writing! :)

To everyone who loves to write : Never let go of your love for writing. It will take you places even without lifting a foot. Just write, write and write.

POETRY : Like Glue

[wrote this poem more than a year ago]

Your face is worth a thousand w o r d s

You're beautiful beyond all worlds.

You seem so perfect,

while I need a quality check.

We're standing in the same horizon,

But it feels like we're in different dimensions.

My hands want to caress you,

I'm stuck on you like glue.

But you don't even care,

As if i was never there.

Between us is a line you drew,

Keeping me far from you.

You made me feel all the pains of hell,

You made my heart bleed and swell.

Of all the hurts you've given me,

I can't find a way to get angry.

I don't know if I'm in love with you,

I don't really have a clue.

But this I believe that's true,

I'm stuck on you like glue.

Monday, April 14, 2008

state of ennui

i am BORED.

and i'm feeling LAZY too.

i am at the verge of sheer desperation into doing anything just so that i won't be B-O-R-E-D anymore. joke. OA naman.hahaha.

well, pardon me for my rantings but i am just so freakin' bored. :D

can anyone amuse me right now?! hahaha. :D

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my grandfather's quotable quotes

these 'quotes' came from my grandfather, Luis Salvador's letter to my grandmother. Friends, year 1940 ang letter na ito! hahaha.

"In fact, I have it known to you preciously that my only happiness or my only happiest moments in Manila is when I write you something. You might say I am foolish and that you can not believe because it is really hard to believe...and to imagine what other people can do"

"But here is what I do to get the thrill whenever I write to you: I always place myself in such a situation that I seem to see you in person before I begin writing. Then, as I start writing, I consider myself talking to you face to face. So that everything I say in my letter I always mean to say them all to you. "

"I fully understand that women must not only follow, but also make their own decision to retain their dignity. Although in most cases, their opinion is likely absorbed for some better reasons." (hahahaha.. lolo tlga)

"Make up your mind and uncover your opinion. Don't consult anybody else and have full confidence on our "three best friends - sound judgement, caution and common sense. I believe in your well developed faculties, besides, I love you so much that I trust you my destiny." aaaaw... mushy!

from a different letter from my grandpa

"Nobody is a master of time as well as no one else can master time."

Monday, April 7, 2008

my 19th birthday story

April 4, 2008.

It is of great significance for a person to celebrate his or her birthday. For an individual, his/ her birthday is the most special event in his or her life. It only happens once a year and might as well enjoy it, right?
I don’t expect a grand celebration of my 19th birthday. I don’t expect tons of gifts (woshoo. Plastic.haha) but the least that I expect on my birthday is what I actually got, STRESS. What a marvelous birthday gift!

STRAMIS. I came to school wearing my formal attire in preparation for the STRAMIS Defense only to find out that Ms. Pineda no longer wants us to have our defense. Our group pleaded ang begged for a reconsideration but she was not in the mood for a negotiation. She’s thinks that we prioritize other subjects over hers. For goodness sake why the hell would we even beg for a reconsideration if we do not care about her subject?! I admit that we have faults in moving the schedule for our defense but we never intended it to work that way. Fate is cruel on us on that day, on my birthday. We tried a couple of attempts to ask her again for reconsideration but there’s no point in battling things out at that moment. We waited for her outside the faculty but we never saw her again. Nalusutan ata kami. Wahaha. So, our group decided to email her the next day na lang.

APPSDEV. That’s the whole April 4 was really about, and not my birthday. Drama! Hahaha. The agony of waiting for our demo is like a lasso hitting your back each second. Everybody’s frustrated, worried, pissed-off and fucked-off. Our minds are occupied with anxieties, fear, tension, and stresses. For some time I feel like falling apart all because of great hunger and thirst. Bwahahaha. The last meal I ate was breakfast at jon’s house. I desperately wanted to eat but I said to myself, to be fair for my groupmates, I won’t eat unless they eat too. All for one, one for all. Hahaha. The hands of time moves swiftly and without our notice, demo na namin. :p Allan Chu is right in front of our faces. I was a bit nervous because I will be the one demo-ing. And wala pa kaming bonus nun. Hahaha. Luckily, mabait si Sir kay Tim at binigyan pa kami ng 75/100. Hahaha. But the Mp grade that I need in order to pass is more than 100. We needed to do the demo. Lahat ng desperate attempts ng panghihingi ng tulong sa ibang groups ginawa na namin. Till 8pm naman yung chance na binagay ni sir para mahabol pa yung grades e. Fortunately for us, nagawa naming yung AJAX. Thanks to our friends. And thanks to lez kasi siya yung tlgang nag-ayos nun e. Finally, nagawa naming yung bonus. Nagging 105/100 na kami sa MP3. Thank God! And with that, I passed APPSDEV. Wohoooo. Salamat Salamat sa Diyos! Haha. Worth it ang lahat ng hirap.

After ung MP demo namin, pass 8pm na ata binalak pa namin nila lez at tim na mag-Absinth. Hahaha. But hanggang balak lang yun dahil mamamatay na kami sa gutom. We were supposed to eat at McDo ata but I declined since it’s my birthday and I have to go home naman! Haha. And what’s the sense of celebrating your birthday if you won’t even get to eat your handa? Di ba?! Kahit mamatay-matay na ako sa gutom at uhaw, nagdesisyon parin akong umuwi ng bahay. Pag-uwi ko sa bahay, pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na gutom na gutom na guom na gutom na gutom na gutom na uhaw na uhaw na uhaw na uhaw na uhaw na uhaw na ako. I was not in the mood masyado pag dating ko sa bahay. Sakit ng ulo ko eh. Haha. But deep inside I’m thankful that I passed APPSDEV but half of me is still sad because of STRAMIS. Haha.

Despite a series of unfortunate events and mishaps that occurred on my birthday, I am still thankful for the 19 years of my existence. I am thankful for the life that I have right now even though there are many problems.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

the story behind april 3

April 3, 2008- A day before my 19th birthday and a day before the APPSDEV demo and STRAMIS defense. Tim, Lez, and I decided to sleep over at Jon's house to make our MP3 together with Jon, Jeh, Car, Janna. At first I was reluctant to go but what the heck, i/we NEEDED this sleep over. And by the way, should I call this sleep over? coz' we hardly had a good sleep. Haha.

Anyway, flashback to thursday morning. Again, I wasn't able to attend humaart because I didn't woke up. Hahaha. Car, texted me that I had 8.5 accumulated absences which mean that I exceeded the 5 allowable absences and in essence would result to FDA (Failure Due to Absence.) Waaaaaa. Failing due to excess absences is a total and major piss-off. I still believe that attendance does not measure your competence in a subject.haha. (Now, that's what you call 'palusot' w/ style lol.) I said to myself "I need to talk to our professor" but I have classes to attend and I needed to prepare for our defense in BPOUTSR. So, I arrived at school, ate lunch, read the report for BPO. Then, BPO defense. I guess it turned out well. Then, wirtech demo. T'was okay too.

After the class, I rushed to William Hall to look for MS. Pacis, humaart prof but she's still at her class at Miguel. Then, I went to Miguel and luckily I saw her! Voila! Talked to her but didn't get what she told me. haha. The conversation was so quick that I felt like she didn't want to talk that time. I think she said that " I won't fail students because of attendance blah blah." *sigh of relief.* haha. I went straight back home after to eat and prepare my stuffs. Then, I went to Paco to meet up with Car. We ride the LRT, then MRT. We met up with Jon, Jeh, Tim, Lez at McDo, Q. Ave. After that, we split up into to groups and waited for a taxi. Derecho na kami nun sa bahay nila jon sa 16 Dona Francesca, Filinvest II, QC. haha. Jon, I've memorized your home address.

And by the way, this is the FIRST TIME that I'll spend my birthday at a friend's house. Hahaha. T'was 'fun' naman kahit gumagawa kami ng MP. haha. May nagawa ba kami?! hahahahaha. By 11:30pm, Lez and I emailed Ms. Pineda to move our defense at 1:00pm Friday. I know it was a very late email but it wouldn’t be late if treisha emailed ms. Pineda earlier. Haha. Amf! Haha. So, as time went by, sobrang sabog na kami. Uminom na nga kami ng Bacchus e.. pero napagod na rin kami ng mga 4:00am. Natulog na kami ng 4:00am and then ginising kami ni Tim ng 6:20 am.

"Next time na yung story ng birthday ko. hahaha"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will it be a happy Birthday?

On April 4, Friday, I'll be turning 19 years old. Man, Can you believe it? I'm close to being 2 decades old! But as much as I anticipate my birthday, I am so not excited for Friday because first, APPSDEV Demo.. then STRAMIS defense. Wow. Like Hitting two birds with one stone. Damn!

Do you know how it feels like not to be excited for your birthday simply because you have project demo and defense?
Of course you don't, But I do. hahaha. Waaaah.

Lord, Gift nio na sana sakin na maganda ang demo at defense sa friday. Puhleeasse.. :)

I can't believe how your academic life can ruin ruin your self-esteem.hahaha

and I'm laughing but I'm sad and frustrated. haha. Weirdddddddd.