Thursday, April 17, 2008

Writing is my soul

"Writing is more than a best friend, a lover, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister. It is your heart and soul reflected on a piece of paper, weaved into strings of words, and personified through your trusty pen."

Writing has always been a part of me. I carry it inside my heart every single day. Like a shadow, it is with me all the time.

Growing up, I never thought that I'd learn to love writing.
When I was still young, I never had that inclination to write my heart out. For me, writing was just a school activity done at school and left at school.

I was not exactly sure when our how I started to love writing. It came to me in just a flash. The next thing I knew is that I begin writing poems and essays, and blogging. I didn't even know that I am actually making sense with what I write back then. I just write and write and write till my pen runs out of ink or till my fingers got tired of pressing the keys of the keyboard.

I am not a grammar police nor a punctuation checker. I have no particular standards into what I write. I have this understanding of writing : "Writing is not perfected through correct spelling, excellent grammar, and longetivity of composition. It is through the unity of a person's heart, mind and soul that one writes the best."

Writing is neither my profession nor a simple pass time, it is who I am. It is my outlet of my thoughts and emotions. It is my counselor when I have problems, my guide when I'm at lost, and my sanctuary when there's no other person that I can turn to.

I may not be an exceptional writer but the hell I care, I don't write to impress rather I write to express.

People may not understand the way I truly am but I need not to explain anything to them. Let them be perplexed and be baffled by the mystery of being me. :)

J'adore writing! :)

To everyone who loves to write : Never let go of your love for writing. It will take you places even without lifting a foot. Just write, write and write.

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