Sunday, April 6, 2008

the story behind april 3

April 3, 2008- A day before my 19th birthday and a day before the APPSDEV demo and STRAMIS defense. Tim, Lez, and I decided to sleep over at Jon's house to make our MP3 together with Jon, Jeh, Car, Janna. At first I was reluctant to go but what the heck, i/we NEEDED this sleep over. And by the way, should I call this sleep over? coz' we hardly had a good sleep. Haha.

Anyway, flashback to thursday morning. Again, I wasn't able to attend humaart because I didn't woke up. Hahaha. Car, texted me that I had 8.5 accumulated absences which mean that I exceeded the 5 allowable absences and in essence would result to FDA (Failure Due to Absence.) Waaaaaa. Failing due to excess absences is a total and major piss-off. I still believe that attendance does not measure your competence in a subject.haha. (Now, that's what you call 'palusot' w/ style lol.) I said to myself "I need to talk to our professor" but I have classes to attend and I needed to prepare for our defense in BPOUTSR. So, I arrived at school, ate lunch, read the report for BPO. Then, BPO defense. I guess it turned out well. Then, wirtech demo. T'was okay too.

After the class, I rushed to William Hall to look for MS. Pacis, humaart prof but she's still at her class at Miguel. Then, I went to Miguel and luckily I saw her! Voila! Talked to her but didn't get what she told me. haha. The conversation was so quick that I felt like she didn't want to talk that time. I think she said that " I won't fail students because of attendance blah blah." *sigh of relief.* haha. I went straight back home after to eat and prepare my stuffs. Then, I went to Paco to meet up with Car. We ride the LRT, then MRT. We met up with Jon, Jeh, Tim, Lez at McDo, Q. Ave. After that, we split up into to groups and waited for a taxi. Derecho na kami nun sa bahay nila jon sa 16 Dona Francesca, Filinvest II, QC. haha. Jon, I've memorized your home address.

And by the way, this is the FIRST TIME that I'll spend my birthday at a friend's house. Hahaha. T'was 'fun' naman kahit gumagawa kami ng MP. haha. May nagawa ba kami?! hahahahaha. By 11:30pm, Lez and I emailed Ms. Pineda to move our defense at 1:00pm Friday. I know it was a very late email but it wouldn’t be late if treisha emailed ms. Pineda earlier. Haha. Amf! Haha. So, as time went by, sobrang sabog na kami. Uminom na nga kami ng Bacchus e.. pero napagod na rin kami ng mga 4:00am. Natulog na kami ng 4:00am and then ginising kami ni Tim ng 6:20 am.

"Next time na yung story ng birthday ko. hahaha"

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