Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my grandfather's quotable quotes

these 'quotes' came from my grandfather, Luis Salvador's letter to my grandmother. Friends, year 1940 ang letter na ito! hahaha.

"In fact, I have it known to you preciously that my only happiness or my only happiest moments in Manila is when I write you something. You might say I am foolish and that you can not believe because it is really hard to believe...and to imagine what other people can do"

"But here is what I do to get the thrill whenever I write to you: I always place myself in such a situation that I seem to see you in person before I begin writing. Then, as I start writing, I consider myself talking to you face to face. So that everything I say in my letter I always mean to say them all to you. "

"I fully understand that women must not only follow, but also make their own decision to retain their dignity. Although in most cases, their opinion is likely absorbed for some better reasons." (hahahaha.. lolo tlga)

"Make up your mind and uncover your opinion. Don't consult anybody else and have full confidence on our "three best friends - sound judgement, caution and common sense. I believe in your well developed faculties, besides, I love you so much that I trust you my destiny." aaaaw... mushy!

from a different letter from my grandpa

"Nobody is a master of time as well as no one else can master time."

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