Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friday Adventure- May 23, 2008

It was Friday and only 3 days away before another hell term begins. Haha. Luckily, I was able to maximize my last few days of “vacation”. It was undoubtly an adventure to remember.

My day began when i went to BPI Makati to meet up with my aunt. When I arrived there, I found out she was not there. haha. Her office is at the 14th floor of the building and to find out that i went there for nothing is a little bit of disappointing. haha. So, i sent her a text message and she called back instructing me to go to delifrance. Upon arriving at delifrance, we talked for a few minutes, and when I was about to leave, she gave me money. weeeeh. haha. Yes, natuwa na ako dun!

As I was walking towards greenbelt, my mom called and we had the usual conversation, the kamustahan and all. Then I told her that I'm going to DLSU to enrol myself. She also told me to ride a bus going to buendia, and then ride a jeep to DLSU. And it's cool because I only get to pay 18 pesos as compared to riding the LRT and MRT just to get to DLSU from ayala. haha. Nakatipid pa, ayos!

At DLSU, I saw lots of people outside the accounting office.The seats outside the acc'tng office are fully occupied so other's are standing. The enrolment procedure is slower than usual maybe because of the number of people that they're handling on that day.

After enrolment, I rode the LRT to EDSA Taft, then rode the MRT to Shaw. (Yes! Mejo magaling na akong magcommute.) At Shaw, i went inside EDSA Shang because Car is inside waiting. :p We met up there and after a few minutes, walked our way to MEGAMALL just to buy a pouch and another stuff.haha. Wala naman kasing mura sa Shang e. :D After purchasing the pouch, we went to Krispy Kreme to eat doughnuts of course. Nilibre ako ni Car, wohoo!

Then, we went back to Shang. We were to meet Migs by 5:00pm. We're a few hours early so we kill time by going inside some shops, and by walking all around the mall. We decided to eat some ice cream at Haagen Dazs. This time, I treated car. She had a single scoop of dulce de leche and I had the usual, Macadamia Nut. We took our time savoring the ice cream. hahaha. After eating ice cream, we walked and we walked some more, it's a walkathon for short. By 4:30pm (?), Migs finally arrived but we're still waiting for jeatte, corrine and tasha. Knowing tasha, we know she'll be late. hahaha. peace tasha. We stayed at Le Coeur de France and took some pictures using Mig's new phone, N95. So Cool pala ng n95. haha. After such time, we saw wilex! Hoy wilex, nakita ka naman. hahaha. :D ehem! wala lang.

It was pass 6pm when jeatte arrived, we stayed for a while at Shang but eventually, decided to go to Mig's house and just let corinne and tasha go to mig's house by a taxi ride. At Mig's house, we ate pizza for dinner. wooh. i miss pizza. :) I think tasha and corinne arrived at about 8:30?! haha. Then, we take vanity to its peak again by taking lots of pictures at mig's wonderful house. fyi : si mig's may bagong phone, bagong pc and bagong laptop. PM me if you want to kidnap him.

We left mig's house at around 9:40pm and we arrived at Alchemy by almost 11:00pm. Cool, maganda rin pala sa alchemy. Though di masyadong maganda ang location nya. Before entering Alchemy, we met up with Drew first. It was already 11:00pm but there wasn't many people inside. We we're supposed to find a seat pero 10,000 pesos pala ang babayaran for the VIP seats. But at least drew was able to find a seat that's for free. :) Bumili na lang kami ng drinks namin. :D It was pass 12:00pm when we got to party! wohhoooo! Party like there's no classes on Monday! hahaha. :) It was so fun though I don't feel the sound system. May part pa nga na may gap yung music eh. yung parang tumalon?. haha. :D

It's great to party with your friends, nakakatanggal ng stress! :D Next time ulit! haha.

Friday, May 16, 2008

parentless this summer

disclaimer :
this blogpost won't inspire you and won't be of help to you. so, if you still want to read this, then go on. hahaha.

my mom and my brother are not here in the philippines
which leaves us (my other brother and i), parentless.

in some ways, it's kinda cool.
you know, without the "sermons" that sometimes come out of nowhere,
and all the "do this, do that" or the "don't-you-know-how-to-fix-your-bed?" taglines of my mom.

when i first realized that my mom's going for a vacation,
i said to myself "Great! I'll get even more stuck here at home since I have to take care
of a lot of stuffs including taming my wild brother. lmao."

well, indeed i was right.
but it's okay.

at least, she gave me money. haha.

but then, she gave me the responsibility to allocate the budget for daily market expenses
and so on.

it's cool coz' i get to be the boss of the house. haha. though no one seems to care even my own brother. haha. kiddin'.

i am really bored right now,
i'm all alone in the room doing nothing.

and my brother (who was supposed to be with me right now) is somewhere out there beneath the sun probably swimming and having fun.
yes, he's gone with his friends. and they went some far place just to have a swim.


so here i am, literally alone.
dad's not here
mom's not here
paolo's not here
anton's not here.

while i rot myself here at home.

should i go to the mall?
should i watch a movie?

i should.

but i can't.



pero one of these days,

kailangan kong maglakwatsa.

Friday, May 2, 2008

it's not normal to be normal

nobody is normal.
we just all differ in our level of abnormalities.


sorry, senseless post.