Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A solution to all

Is your life in deep shit?

Are your dilemmas seem unbearable?

Do you have a burden that's too heavy for you to carry?

If you think everything's all fucked up.

If you're desperate and in need

for immediate solution to all of your problems.

Don't worry.

There's an answer to all your prayers,

a solution to all your predicaments.

Introducing, FUKITOL!


Just fukitol!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

for my father


thank you for being half the reason why i exist. (the other half is mom)

thank you for all the sacrifices that you have done for our family,

thank you for the times that you had to give up your happiness

just for our sake.

thank you very much for loving us without any condition at all.

thank you for just being you.

for being the imperfect dad that you are, thank you.

for being stubborn as ass sometimes, thank you.

for scolding me when i became too naughty, thank you.

for the times that you give us everything that we want while you don't get yours.

i remember when i was young, i always ask you to buy me chocolate everytime you go home from work. and you always did, thank you.

i will always be the son who'll keep on waiting for his dad and his pasalubong, a chocolate bar. :)

Dad, Papa, Tatay, Itay, you will always be my father and nothing can ever change that. :)

I love you Dad.


Dad, i need money now. haha

send me some. haha

kidding'. :))

Sunday, June 8, 2008

three straight partying weeks


i couldn't believe myself that i did this.

three consecutive weeks of non-stop partying (and drinking?).


am i now becoming a party animal? haha. maybe.

but hey, i'm young and single so there's nothing wrong with partying. hahaha.

seriously though, i'm happy that i act my age and not a trying-hard-to-be-adult-because-of-college. hahaha. :)
i'm glad that for those partying nights, i managed to set aside the stresses and pressures coming from different factors.


car, sa birthday mo ah? jager tayo! hahahaha. :D

+ a party goer is not a wild child. +

"Let the spontaneity of youth take over you. Be yourself. Release your inhibitions. Live the good life. "