Sunday, June 8, 2008

three straight partying weeks


i couldn't believe myself that i did this.

three consecutive weeks of non-stop partying (and drinking?).


am i now becoming a party animal? haha. maybe.

but hey, i'm young and single so there's nothing wrong with partying. hahaha.

seriously though, i'm happy that i act my age and not a trying-hard-to-be-adult-because-of-college. hahaha. :)
i'm glad that for those partying nights, i managed to set aside the stresses and pressures coming from different factors.


car, sa birthday mo ah? jager tayo! hahahaha. :D

+ a party goer is not a wild child. +

"Let the spontaneity of youth take over you. Be yourself. Release your inhibitions. Live the good life. "

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