Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will it be a happy Birthday?

On April 4, Friday, I'll be turning 19 years old. Man, Can you believe it? I'm close to being 2 decades old! But as much as I anticipate my birthday, I am so not excited for Friday because first, APPSDEV Demo.. then STRAMIS defense. Wow. Like Hitting two birds with one stone. Damn!

Do you know how it feels like not to be excited for your birthday simply because you have project demo and defense?
Of course you don't, But I do. hahaha. Waaaah.

Lord, Gift nio na sana sakin na maganda ang demo at defense sa friday. Puhleeasse.. :)

I can't believe how your academic life can ruin ruin your self-esteem.hahaha

and I'm laughing but I'm sad and frustrated. haha. Weirdddddddd.

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