Thursday, September 6, 2007


Disclaimer: What you are about to read is based only on my point of view.

“I have always believed in destiny, in fate, in kismet, and in things that are meant and are not meant to be. I also believe that God created blueprints of our lives even before we were born into this world. But I believe that God gave us freewill to choose whether or not to follow these blueprints. God gave us the freedom to edit what has been written in these blueprints. Yes, there is such thing as destiny but we weave our path towards the destiny that we want to fulfill. We have control. We are in control of our destiny.”

Destiny is believed to be a phenomenon that is in control of the things that are happening and things that are about to happen. We tend to go where “destiny” leads us. It’s like letting your feet walk on its own without thinking where you’re going. It is said that one cannot defy destiny, what will be will be. Everything that’s happening is all because of destiny. People search for their soul mates all their lives simply because they believe that their soul mates are the ones “destined” to be with them forever. Most of the public accept as true the notion that destiny is in control of our lives and that we are as helpless as an infant when it comes to our fate. Different individuals have different beliefs about destiny but it all boils down to one idea, that destiny is irreversible and that no one can ever control it.

“Yes, I believe in destiny but people have a lot of misconceptions about it.”

Destiny, some may call it fate, kismet, or serendipity, but I call it life’s blueprint.
I believe that each of us has a blueprint of our life written by One Hand. Our life is already planned even before our existence. It is in our life’s blueprint that will determine who will be the parents that will raise us, who will be our friends, what we will look like, and others. There are things that are really meant to happen and things that are not meant to happen. Our life’s blueprint doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s what our life would turn out to be. God gave us the freewill to change what we can change, and do what we can do to make our life according to our own likings. We can make things happen the way we want it to happen. We may or may not choose to follow what has been written for us.

Let’s take it this way, destiny is the sea and you are the captain of a ship. You don’t let the sea take control of your journey but you may do so. What you really do is to sail the ship where you want it to go.

For me, Destiny/Life’s Blueprint is having a choice between letting things happen and making things happen. It is always the taste of both worlds. You can’t always make things happen; sometimes it’s good to let things happen. In the same way, you shouldn’t wait for things to happen rather, you should work to make things happen. You see, we can control our destiny.

Before I end this blog entry, let me quote a line from one of my favorite poems, Invictus by William Ernest Henley : ”. I, am the master of my fate: I, am the captain of my soul”

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