Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sex education 101

Based on surveys.
Based on research and studies..
Based on data...

Premarital sex is very rampant in our society today.

Honestly, that news did not surprise me.
But what surprised me is that highschool students and even elementary students
are already engaged in premarital sex.
i guess they thought that what everbody does is right. well they're wrong.
maybe some were just curious.. just to have the feel of it. *hehehe..*

and in order to attend this problem, the government/deped and some people suggest that sex education should be implemented in the education system.

actually, i have thought of that since i was an elementary student.
i believe that the best way to kiLL ignorance from sex(& its consequences) is EDUCATION.

but then again, thoughts came to me when i received this message :

Open letter to DEPED
by a concerned parent:

"Sex Education
may be a good
in the schools,
pero wag naman
ng homework."

hahaha. oo nga naman di ba?.

naisip ko :

paano ang seatwork sa sex educ.?
paano ang group work? (orgy?! haha.)
paano ang group study?
paano ang PRACTICAL EXAMs? haha.
paano ang consultation with the prof?
paano ang recitation?
paano ang projects? and project demonstration? hahaha.(step1. do this. step2. do that.)
paano ang grading system?
paano ang tutorial sessions or remedial classes?
paano ang role play?
paano ka magrereview for exams?

at paano pag bumagsak ka?
REPEATER? ahahahaha.. :D

oh di ba?!

ahaha. wala lang. ehehe. i just find this topic amusing. haha. :s

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