Sunday, August 5, 2007

just be the kid that you are

"Sometimes, it's good to let the spontaneity of youth take over you.."

As we grow up, we want everything to be organized. We plan things that we want to happen in the future, we carefully weigh situations before we create decisions. We become more responsible to our own action. We now consider ourselves as mature people who knows what they are doing.

It's good to have a well-planned life where everything goes the way you wanted to. But isn't it great to look back at the moments where you're totally out of control of something?.. to look back at your recklessness? to reminisce the times you've been wild and crazy? to just being the youth that you are?

I believe that there are moments that we need not to plan, and we need not to be very careful. Sometimes, it's also nice to let the spontaneity of youth, even for a moment, to take over you. Be wild. Be free. Go to parties before your exams. Cram. Procrastinate. Dance like there's no tomorrow. Sing like a rock star. Live your life as if you don't have any worries. Just for once, be the kid that you really are and not the man or woman everybody expects you to be.

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