Wednesday, August 1, 2007

taken for granted

"Nobody wants to be taken for granted... but one is willing to be taken for granted just for the sake of the persons that he/she loves."

Sometimes, the most important persons in your life, the people you love and care for, take you for granted. They don't seem to appreciate your efforts to make them happy. Your sacrifices are often done without appreciation. It's either they don't have any idea of what you did or they are so used to the fact that you're always there willing to give and give-up everything just for his/her sake.

It's a sad reality that those who love more are the ones who are given less love. More often than not, what they have is an unreciprocated love and care for a person.

Being taken for granted doesn't happen only to lovers. It happens to friends, family members, and in working relationships. It happens to almost everybody.

Strangely as it seems, the people who are being taken for granted don't stop caring and loving. It's as if they are happy of what they are doing.

[to be continued]

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Candyman said...

That's the painful side of love... Most people won't understand that. They'll name you a martyr or an idiot..but you'll never care. All you knew is you've loved..and you felt everything for it..

I feel you mon..