Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas : sadder, through changing times?

As a child, my perception of Christmas is pure happiness. I don’t care how expensive or lucrative our Christmas decors are or how bountiful are the food that we prepare for Noche Buena. All I care for in the world is being happy with my family. Just the thought of eating a decent dinner with your family, opening gifts under the Christmas tree, taking pictures together simply brings out that joyous glow in me. No other season can be compared to Christmas.

Others feel the same way about Christmas. No matter how hard the times are, people still find ways to be happy during Christmas. People set aside their problems for awhile to welcome this Yuletide season.

But let us not forget that the real essence of Christmas is commemorating and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. As we indulge ourselves to luxury and entertainment, let us find time to pray and to thank God for bringing Jesus into this world.

Through the changing times, i've noticed that christmas isn't the same christmas that everybody loves. i can't deny the reality that this season is getting lonelier and i can't find the reason why. Is it because of the people? Is it because of that fact that life is becoming harder? It's really frustrating for me that christmas is different now.

Since last year, i wasn't that excited for christmas anymore. I was just excited that we'll going to have our vacation after the stressful term that we had. Sure there are gifts, sure there's plenty of food in the table, but it's just not enough. something was lost in christmas, and we've got to find it before it's too late. i don't want to see the day that christmas would just be as ordinary as any day.

I guess other's don't feel the same way as i do, but this is how i feel. :( and i'm sad.. this christmas. i really am.

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