Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feeling all blue on the day of the reds

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day or Heart's Day..
For couples, it's "their" day. one of the most happiest moments of their relationship.
For some who are currently single (like me), it's nothing but a cold day full of sentiments.
I'm happy being single.. or probably I just got used to the fact that i'm currently single. But still, there are those short times of longing. longing for someone's skin to touch your skin, lips to press against your lips, and soul to embrace your soul. there are those days where i want affection and care. there are moments where I want to know how it feels to love and be loved all at the same time.
And so, while couples celebrate their love for each other, I, on the other hand, watch roses, chocolates, hugs & kisses that keep passing me by.

I am not bitter, well maybe I am. I don't know. It's my fault anyway that I am where I am right now. senseless isn't it? hahaha.

Anyway, Valentine's day is not only for lovers because it is for everyone who knows how to love. It is for every living creature in this planet who's capable of loving.:)


Have a Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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