Monday, February 18, 2008

political mess

"The Philippines has already seen and heard countless lies and fabrication of truth from the government. Seeing politicians talk on national television is like watching a low-budgeted fictional show, everything is obviously fake or phony. It is a torture for me to listen to news on government or politics but I would rather endure listening to these lousy reports than act like I’m not hearing anything."

As a Filipino citizen, I cannot bear carrying the knowledge that the leaders of my homeland brutally steal money from the nation’s budget. It seems that government officials have committed all the imagineable sins to our country. There's graft and corruption, plunder, perjury, betreyal of public trust and others. Man! I thought the government is supposed to help and lead the people to the betterment of their lives. Look at our government now! Sure, the economy is probably getting stronger but are we experiencing the benefits of a developing economy? A Big No No! Life's not getting better in the Philippines. No wonder why some people chose to leave the country not just to work abroad but also to run away from all the bull shits that our government is doing.

Scandals and issues bombard the Arroyo regime every now and then. I must say, GMA managed to surpass every problem that her administration had faced. The most recent controversy that her administration is facing is the ZTE SCANDAL. True enough, the people invovle in this issue denies that they have anything to do with the ZTE SCANDAL. If my memory serves me right, I think this issue began with Joey De Venecia filing a case against Mr. Abalos and then, CHED Sec. Romulo Neri exposed that he was bribed by Mr. Benjamin Abalos in favor of the ZTE Broadband Deal. Senate investigation were done regarding this matter. After such time, the star witness Jun Lozada came out saying that he was held captive by what seem to be the military or could be hired men. He was picked up by these men from the airport. He was not supposed to go to the Senate because he was afraid of the safety of his life and his family's welfare too. Only that, he felt the need to tell the whole truth behind the ZTE scandal as a sign of giving back to the Philippines. Names were dropped, events were narrated by Mr. Lozada. As the Senate hearing progresses, more and more issues were unraveled. Some Senators whole heartedly believe in Mr. Lozada, others tried to destroy his credibility but in the eyes of most filipino's he is a hero. He is one of God's answered prayers for the Filipinos. Majority of the Filipinos put their confidence and trust in Jun Lozada that he will be the key to end corruption in the government. For me, he should not be called a hero rather a courageous man who manage to pull himself together and to tell the truth despite the threat in his life. Yes, he had his own share in the scandal but I admire his willingness to bare everything that he knows behind the controversy. I just hope and pray that he will not be used by the power-hungry politicians who just want to be put into position. And I hope that the Filipinos would not cease to support him. I wish that filipinos will not let the ZTE scandal pass by just like all the issues that disappeared like bubble.

I should be programming right now but instead here I am blogging about jun lozada’s expose. Hahaha. Geez, my nationalistic side is coming out again. Hahaha. Go Lozada. Boo Benjamin Abalos and FG Arroyo. Damn you, GMA! hahahaha. :) Wala na kayong mga dignidad. Hahaha.

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