Tuesday, July 17, 2007

flash back : Regrets

*taken from an entry at my tabulas blog*
-- published : 2006. :)

I have lots of regrets in life, lots of things i wished i didn't do or indulge myself into something. Though most people would say that "One should not have regrets in life", we can never deny the fact that we regret things that happen in our life.

Ever since I was a child, I do some things and end up realizing that i should'nt have done it. I usually regret things that I did that are making my life so-called "miserable." Like words I say to my mom that eventually lead to arguments, Like stuffs I do to my friends that made us quarelling, Like not studying that made me have low grades and many more instances.

Now in college, I have never been more "frustrated" in my entire life. I have never felt so down, so low, so degraded. DLSU did not bring out the best in me, instead it magnified what's worse in me. The question is : "Will i regret studying at the DLSU?" My answer is : "I don't know. I'm not sure." There is yet to discover. and besides, I have friends at DLSU that would keep me company.

I have lots of regrets in life. And I admitted it. I accepted it. I can never go back in time to change the things i regret. But this i know : I have one life to live. Might as well live it to the fullest. Frequent thinking of regrets would'nt be much of a help neither will denying that you have regrets in life.


Jimes said...

evryone has regrets teej.
juz live w/ it u know.
di na mababago yan.

and about DLSU.
it should never be a regret.
it's juzt a difficult challenge.

CaNDYMaN said...

Everyone can regret, it's legal..

It's also legal to learn from regrets..you cant change it no more, but you can stop it from happening again..

Goodluck to our college life..

I know we need it..gravely..