Monday, July 23, 2007

Pain : you can run from it, but you can't hide.

"There's always a point in our lives where we will say that we're used to feeling all the pains of hell... but everytime the wrath and angst of the world inflict our frail hearts, we still get hurt.. none of us will be spared from pain."

not even an armor can shield a soldier from experiencing pain.

not even money can comfort us.

not even intelligence can solve the probability of how to prevent pain.

a doctor can only cure a pain inflicted by physical things

but it can never cure the pain caused by thrown words

that hit your heart, by emotional and mental trauma

and all factors that could break someone's heart and soul.

it just won't work.

because pain is part of our everyday lives.

it's a natural occurence.

an innate emotion.

one can experience pain

even without outside forces.

pain can sometimes be


a lot of people believe that disregarding pain

is the best way of ending pain.

other's resulted from the gravest act

any frustated and emotionally battered

person would do:


but neither of the two will do,

trying to be numb of all the pain

is like depositing all your pains in a PAIN BANK.

you're just storing all your pains with interest,

killing yourself. on the other hand, will

give you more pain than what you have now.

suicide isn't solving your problems

it's surrendering your very own life.

it's the highest form of giving-up, wahahaha.


i may not give a concrete answer to all the pains in the world

but this i would like to say:

Embrace the pain. Acknowledge it but don't drown yourself in it.

Cry once in a while. You can break vases, or other people's faces(joke!) if you want to.

But after all of that, wipe your tears away, stand up and pull yourself together.

fix what is broken.

rebuild what has fallen apart.





those who never faced pain will never appreciate what it means to be really


for there wouldn't be happiness without pain and sorrow.

nagpapaka-emo lang..


whimsicaLpoet said...

why is it that whenever i read your literary works, i am always left at awe?

good. good.

loved it.


CaNDYMaN said...

It's amazing how you can express your thoughts..

I tried writing mine but still..blank..

Good job! Hope I can write like you..