Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not anymore.

"We don't do the "family bonding" anymore. We stopped doing that a long time ago, so long that i can't seem to remember what's the last movie we watched as a whole family. so long that i can't remember the last dinner we had as a family."

Change is the only thing that's constant. ΓΌ
and whether we like it or not, everything's gonna change.


Jimes said...

some things change.
good hings don't last forever.
(diamond lang!) hehehehe...

stay strong.
once na magkapera ka na,,
u can always bring back those good times.

di ba?!

para tuloy akong si Dr. Phil!
bwisit! hehehehehe...

poetsdaybreak said...

it's not about money you know..

this post has a deeper meaning.


and i hope i can sttill bring back the good times we has as a family. :(