Thursday, July 12, 2007

math anxiety

I was never really that good in math.

the highest grade i ever had in math was 92/93.

well, that was back HighschooL then. :D

Now, i think my brain is deteriorating!..

I got 23/100 in our first exam at ANMATH.

and i don't know if i'll pass the second exam.

er, i think i'll fail the 2nd exam hahahaha.

Oh God, why am I not good in Math? Hahahaha..

Sometimes, I envy Math Wizards.. because of all the subjects, Math is my waterloo.
It's my weakest point. Make me write a poem, make me paint in a canvass, but never ever make me solve a CALCULUS Problem! Hahahahaha..

- - it's currently raining.
i can hear the sound of the wind and the rain falling from the sky.
i'm actually here at our computer lab at Gox 302.


Jimes said...

i'm kinda good in math naman db?!

in math,, juz stick to the general formulas.

paiikut-ikutin ka lang ng mga equations!

what i like about math is that yung answer eh nasa question,,
issimplify mo lang.

pag nag-aral ako sa DLSU,,2 things.
either matutulungan kita or sabay tayong babagsak! ahahahahahahaha...

kya yan!

poetsdaybreak said...

wahahahahahaha... alam mo jimes.. buti ka pa magaling na sa english, magaling pa sa math.. ako hanggang english na lang.. ahihihi... :))

umuwi ka na kasi sa Pinas at
mag-lasalle ka na lang kasi para sana matulungan mo me. ehehehe